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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 1

Originally Posted by Adamantium Man View Post
Gonna jump in here and add that the majority of fans on tumblr love love love the movie and the Mandarin twist. (I keep getting "Let's Twist Again" stuck in my head whenever I read or type this). There's maybe 3% of people on there that are disappointed.

Also, +1 to what cherokeesam said. You're all focusing on the wrong role and the wrong character. We did get a good villain.

Tumblr adores Iron Man 3. The vast majority there absolutely love the movie, just as they've loved other Marvel films. All of the people I follow are avid comic book collectors who have no problem with the changes made because they realize that the film is an adaptation, not a carbon copy of what is in the comics. They also, to a person, raved about the deeper emotional aspects of Tony Stark's journey as opposed to obsessing over minutia involving the villains. Tony's PTSD and his relationship with Pepper really struck a chord with people in the wider fandom community.

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