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Default Re: Latest Anime you watched? - Part 1

I got in a Tenchi kick. I never watched the OVA's all the way through, and when I saw they have finally finished I watched them from the beginning. Was, IMO, much better than the Tenchi Universe series. After finishing it, I saw there were two follow ups to the OVA's. So I skipped over watching Universe again, and never have, nor care to watch Tenchi in Tokyo.

Next was Tenchi Muyo: GXP (Galaxy Police). It started off promising, and stayed that way for awhile. However it fell in the trap Tenchi had for a little bit where the harem (well Ayaka, and Ryoko), mostly were one character. Except Tenchi worked it's way out of it. The GXP harem started out as individuals, and ended up with them practically ending eachothers sentences. The story also went goofy, and the big ship fight was basically (I'm guessing) a poop joke. I finished it, but the last 10 or so episodes went downhill so fast.

Last was War on Geminar. IMO, the best Tenchi series. It had action, comedy, and a competent harem that didn't drool over Kenishi every 5 seconds. In fact most of them teased, or lashed out at him. There was a decent amount of mech action (especially towards the end), the art was solid, and Kenishi was a good main character. Far from the helpless idiot in GXP who had everything fall in his lap. The ties back to the original Tenchi were very few, so this stood on it's own.

I thought about rewatching Dual: Parallel Trouble, since it is tied to the Tenchi universe, but I have seen it before. It's good, again IMO, but I just didn't feel like it.

Now I'm going through some animes I've seen mentioned that fit that action/comedy/harem vibe that I haven't seen since Tenchi got me in the mood for the genre again. Gonna try Sword Art Online, and Katanagatari next I think. Even though it's not in the above mention genre, also thinking of giving Durarara a try. Also bought a movie off a friend for dirt cheap that he was through with, 5 centimeters per second. It's supposed to be pretty good, I've seen it in a lot of top anime movie lists, and was wanting to check it out. I'm in an anime kick right now if you can't tell, lol .

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