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Default Re: X-Men: Part 6 should be set...

I think that's the movie people want to see. Also curious to see if this "altering of the future" all gets resolved, or do they leave some open ended, cliff hanger type deal, where the future can only be salvaged in a sequel or another trilogy. I'd prefer an open ended story like 12 Monkeys, or something like that. Where we are left asking, did they really change it? Not like T2 where the future was assumed to be prevented only to be retconned in T3, which I liked regardless of T3 stinking up the place.

I'd like to see a three way battle between Sinister, X-Men, and the Brotherhood for the young Jean Grey. Just like Singer intended for X-3 subbing Sinister for the HFC. X-Men obviously winning at the end because Magneto believes it is best she be kept under Charles' tutelage, and they work together to take out Sinister.

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