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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 1

Originally Posted by redfirebird2008 View Post
Batman and Bond have just as many demons as Stark, so I'd have to disagree with the implication that either of them are simply good guys going against bad guys. Wayne and Bond both have a lot of the same characteristics as Stark. Consequently, all three of them deal with similar flaws in their personalities and backgrounds.
Yes but the implication here was that Stark deals with such demons differently. As an example take the Daniel Craig version of James Bond in Skyfall, where him dealing with his troublesome aging, origins and emotions for the agency are more important than the villain Silva, who basically works as both his foil and a personification of Bond's inner demons. In this movie Stark is put in a similar but not exact situation, in the sense that his inner demons take the form a man.

The Joker's relationship with Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight for example is very different, as The Joker is trying to prove that Batman has flaws he really doesn't have. Wayne has his issues, but as he said in the film The Joker is chaotic, alone in his madness, that's why The Joker works so well as a foil to the Batman, because even if the psycho insists both are freaks he and Batman are nothing alike in The Dark Knight. While The Mandarin isn't a foil to Stark, he's a representation of his inner doubts and issues, he is (borrowing a phrase of another version of The Joker) Stark after having a bad day, but with a similar personality and obsessions.

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