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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 1

Originally Posted by Norek View Post
I agree with that. The "personal demons" aspect can be found more or less in every superhero, or hero in general when we talk about these movies. They all fight against their villains, but at the same time they fight against themselves, and that's what makes them interesting. If the greatest and most memorable villain of a hero is himself, we would've never gotten any great villains in any story.
Originally Posted by redfirebird2008 View Post
Yeah, the two things can easily co-exist.
But that they can coexist doesn't mean one has always to exist. For example, Batman has and will always have issues, but how are they played varies from film to film and from villain to villain. In Batman Begins for example we got a situation very similar to the one we got in Iron Man 3, in the sense that villains The Mandarin and Ra's Al Ghul work better by representing personality aspects the hero feels and hates to feel.

In The Dark Knight Batman's confrontation has really little to do with his inner issues. The Joker insists in such a theory but Batman proves him wrong every single time, the hero whose issues were personfied by The Joker in that movie was Harvey Dent.

In The Dark Knight, Batman fought against his personal problems, yes, but those were provoked by The Joker. In Batman Begins and Iron Man 3 Wayne and Stark fight a villain who represents his problems.

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Standing ovation for this post

I still think Obadiah Stane is the best villain Iron Man's had in this franchise. But it should have been The Mandarin.
Obadiah is not a better villain than The Mandarin. Both have simple motivations but The Mandarin's is more interesting as it echoes Stark's own character arc. Stane was only in it for the money and nothing more.

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