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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 1

Originally Posted by Norek View Post
Well there you go. And that's your opinion. No matter how good McKellen is I can never put his performance next tho Heath's Joker. Not even close. But that's just me.

The thing is, and I agree with Doomsday, apart from Loki, MCU doesn't have a whole lot of memorable villains. If you look around, villains like Joker and Bane are being quoted all the time, people dress up as them and parody them, draw funny **** with them, people who aren't necessarily fans recognize them, etc, etc. They were memorable. The same cannot be said about Whiplash, Justin Hammer, Blonsky, or Red Skull - even though they had all these great actors in the roles.
The two I wouldn't pair together are Joker and Bane. Bane might be recognizable, but not for good reasons.

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