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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
I don't understand why you can't make both the hero AND the villain awesome.

It's the same problem I have with most of the Batfilms.
In a perfect movie, both the hero AND villain are awesome and interesting and compelling. Usually, though, even in really good movies, the writer shows his personal prejudice towards one or the other.

I agree that the Batfilms are a good example, particularly the Nolan trilogy: Batman Begins is, to my mind, the best Batman that has ever been put on film. The movie focused on him. To the detriment of the villains, unfortunately --- I don't think R'as or Scarecrow or the gangsters were anything more than punching bags for Bats. Then Nolan went to the other extreme for TDK and TDKR, and made fascinating villains, and relegated Batman to hiding in the long shadows that the villains cast.

Regarding Iron Man, I wish to god that some day someone will create a truly great villain for him. It'll have to be an original concept, though --- I don't think you'll ever get that from his comic book baddies. Certainly not from Mandarin.


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