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Default Re: Deadpool Spin-off Confirmed - Part 1

Originally Posted by McSqueeb View Post
I really liked the fact that Colossus showed up, sort of randomly. Gave it the feeling that this was the marvel universe where any character could show up at any time. And Colossus is less obvious.
Yeah, it def works. Ultimately he has an important purpose being there especially by the end. It's really not a random cameo or anything. It seems almost the perfect role for Cable given him and Deadpools relationship in the comics. But since he is a character that's complicated and has not yet been introduced, Colossus is much easier to add in. He is there to try and talk sense into Deadpool and give him a choice. It's a good moral contrast. And by the end Deadpool repsonds to Colossus's plea about Ajax in a pretty damn hilarious last moment. I don't think Colossus fans would complain, he is given much more to do then anything in the X-films and kicks some ass. He is in good character.

I think it's more, does that role need to be played by Colossus. No doubt it adds alot of humor in the matchup. Some of the funniest stuff is Deadpool insulting the X-Men. But it really could be anyone speaking on behalf of the better side of good. In a prefect world it would be Cable and Domino trying to stop him. But like you said it is a less obvious choice and probably a fun surprise for audiences. Even though it's not tieing into specifics of the X-Men films it seems some are worried that could hurt the film or X Franchise. Either way, it's such a different take on a comic film that I personally don't think it's anything to worry about. It will be looked at as a Deadpool film, not a representaiton of the main series.

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