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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 53

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
Really? I think Ottman is fantastic. I liked his work on Superman Returns, yeah, it used the Williams motiffs a lot, but Ottman's original stuff was also quite good, IMO. I liked it a lot. And his work on both Fantastic Four films is great (I liked X2 as well, but I liked the score for 1 and even 3 too), one of the few great things about those movies (particularly the first one, he had a great title sequence that's only available in the extended version that I wish they'd have used in the film. Complete waste, IMO - but I thought it was really good).

I can't find the credits sequence itself, but it was pretty cool. Anyway, now tell me that doesn't kick ass? It's got a good hummable sound, I think this and Danny Elfman's Spider-Man are the best Marvel themes besides the one for Captain America. Avengers has grown on me, and I liked the work on the first Iron Man, really wish they'd have kept it for the sequels.
I agree with you on Elfman's Spider-Man and Caps music but we have to part ways on The Avengers music and Iron Man's. I kinda have a strong dislike for Iron Man's score in general, it's just not my kind of score. I did dig X-Men: First Class music alot though and X-Men has some great pieces like "Logan and Rogue." The F4 score was fine for that film and more interesting than Ottman usually is in my estimation.

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