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Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
While Kurse killing Malekith makes sense in itself I can see it as sort of an anti-climax in terms of the power of Thor (and perhaps Loki). But at the same time it's also always interesting with complex villains so I just can't rule it out.

I think it's a good point that we haven't really seen that much from Thor yet, despite appearances in two movies. At least not compared to what he should be able to do. In that particular sense it seems right to see him really cut loose to defeat the enemies and set the bar for himself in The Avengers 2.

In any case it feels pretty good to debate various possibilities like this and think that all of them are cool, rather than being afraid of that the creators will do something wrong.
Yeah that's why my first choise is for Thor to go all out and kick both of their asses. I'd like to see Loki put up a good match against Malekith but since it's Thor's film I'd like for big brother to step in and finish it.

Thor definately doesn't seem to put as much effort into his battles as he could, so I'd say it's bout time we see him pull out the stops. I'm really hoping Thor's written as a show stealer in Avengers 2, because he definately could've been flashier in TA.

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