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Default Re: Thor's power level

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Imo the effects don't really look like the bifrost's effects, the lights are white instead orange. Also Mjolnir is already there as you've pointed out, I don't know why Mjolnir would be in a different dimension than Thor.

Not saying it's impossible, I just don't really see how that makes sense.
It's true that the Bifrost is pretty orange when Thor travels it with Jane in the trailer. It was whiter in the first Thor movie though so that's why I reasoned like I did, but the relevant comparison should of course be the one made within the same movie so there's good chance that Thor does something else (which I would approve of).

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
It was matched by Hulk's in The Avengers and surpassed by Superman's in pretty much any Superman film.
Well, technically (regardless of intent by the filmmakers) both Thor and Hulk fall from the same height and crash into the ground at the same speed, leaving Thor a bit dirty and Hulk knocked out.

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