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Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
I hope so too but I guess that he at least got featured in all the most interesting battles in TA. He fought Iron Man, Hulk and the Chitauri Army/Loki. In that regard he at least was the most important and when TA2 likely has a different structure he can hopefully deliver the grandeur next time. Especially if T:TDW tells Whedon "you're thinking too small, THIS is what Thor is about!".
Thor did have the best action scenes overall, but you know the final battle is what most people talked about. So hopefully Thor is the scene stealer in the final battle of Avengers 2 atleast, just to make up for it.

I'd love for T:TDW to show Joss Whedon that Thor can be portrayed on a grander scale and still be interesting. Just like he's impressed with IM3's final battle, I'd like for him to be impressed by all of Thor's action scenes.

Edit: I rewatched THOR last night for the first time in quite some time and it was actually even better than I remembered. It made me think that it would have been cool if Thor had created a tornado around the portal, hurling the Chitauri around and then smashed them with one blow.
THOR is quite an underrated superhero film imo, it may not have been HUGE or "took risks but it was executed very nicely. The acting was great, the writing was pretty good, and the action was above average ESPECIALLY the first giant battle. To tell the truth I was hoping to see Thor using more wind related weather powers in TA, but hey that's what T:TDW and A2 are for.

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