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Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
I agree, and while Thor killed the most Leviathans (3) people really mainly remember Hulk punching one (which really Iron Man killed afterwards) and then slamming Loki around. It will take some big moves by Thor and also Whedon getting the right feel to them. Big impact moves likely transfer more easily than lighting attacks when it comes to that final level, although it might just require more storm around the lightning to reach it.
It was the way Hulk's punch was set up and Thor's move would've been better received if it was flashier. Like instead of holding on to that building Thor could've been hovering in the air in the middle of a storm with lightning in his eyes.

Yes it certainly is. All parts hold up well and it's amazing that despite what kind of movie it is it's the acting that's the absolute best part. Something that also sets it apart from many other superhero movies is that both the hero and the villain are really interesting, which is actually kind of rare (one tends to stand out above the other, even if it doesn't mean that anyone is bad).

I had also kind of forgotten what presence Idris Elba gives Heimdall with very small means. I hope he gets more to do in T:TDW.
Agreed on all counts, it's too bad that so many people don't see Thor for the well put together film it is.

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