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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread. - Part 1

Originally Posted by Ultra Nolanite View Post
In what dimension are they POSSIBLY the same thing ?

When Liam Neeson was revealed to be Ra's people went "hey that's pretty bad ass, Ra's isn't dead" Plus they replace a cool looking Ra's with a cool looking Ra's thats also Liam Neeson !!!!

In IM 3
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
they replace a cool looking villain with, no offense to Guy Pierce, a lesser badguy.
Very well said . There is also the fact that Batman Begins was marketed on the decoy Ra's al Ghul.

One is an actual plot twist and not to the fans by having Henri Ducard be in the movie while the other was part of a fake marketing scheme - a marketing scheme in this sense: "Oh! Look how we got you! Isn't it cool that we got you like this? Come on! It was pretty funny, wasn't it? "

It is a very black-and-white mindset to say that one other thing did it too thus it's hypocritical to say what IM3 did is bad because, as you said, they're two completely different things in different context and have nothing in common. IM3 may not be TDKR all over again in terms of the movie itself but the way fans respond to people's criticisms is exactly TDKR all over again. The whole "They did it with Ra's in BB and no one complained" is the equivalent to the "Batman quit in The Dark Knight Returns so it is ok for him to quit in Rises too".

How I rate movies:

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