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Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
It was the way Hulk's punch was set up and Thor's move would've been better received if it was flashier. Like instead of holding on to that building Thor could've been hovering in the air in the middle of a storm with lightning in his eyes.
Yes, that would have been more impressive. I guess they wanted Thor to use the building as a lightning rod, but that shouldn't really be necessary for the god of thunder. I feel that Thor didn't seem at all as capable at flying in TA as he was in THOR overall either. I've always been a bit worried that Whedon don't want Thor to step on the toes of Iron Man and Hulk because he can do what they can do and more.

And since this is the Kurse thread I'm interested to see how they will depict his strength. It would be cool to see some huge moves by him as well and not just slap people around. Perhaps the battle can include both him and Thor displaying great strength in lifting and destroying things.

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