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Default Re: Cool as Ice: The Shawn Ashmore/Iceman Thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Someone already said that it would be weird to see that role for Iceman. Of course he had fun moments in the original trilogy, where he was smiling and laughing but those moments didn't happen in the middle of a fight. Trying to make Iceman silly and funny when they are fighting giant robots or when the Sentinels are about to capture them, would just look weird and forced if they want to make him more similar to the comics.
I never said I wanted him to be silly. Everyone is obviously going to be affected by the harsh life they're now living, so it would be natural for their personalities to manifest a bit differently. My suggestion is that since Bobby was always the nice guy (RE: boring), maybe now he is a bit cynical and covers it up with some dark and disturbed humor. I'm not saying he needs to be Jim Carey all of a sudden.

So if they were to make him a little darker and a bit funny, it would show some nice character growth and be more like the comics... two birds with one stone.

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