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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

I get so angry over this movie because there's so many good scenes and elements in it but they're thrown away by some of Shumacher's visual choices or his direction for Tommy Lee Jones. TLJ was perfect in the 90s as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, and his opening scene in the movie was great, after that it became a parody. It was like Shumacher told him he had to laugh like a nutcase in every scene and emulate Nicholson's Joker, which is kind of how Carrey's Riddler came across too. Except that was still very Riddler-ish in a Jim Carrey over the top kinda way.

If they expanded on the Bruce Wayne psychological stuff, toned down Gothams design a little bit, and told Jones to play a straight villainous Two-Face. Then reigned in Jim Carrey a little bit, this movie would have been quite the Batman film.

Because seriously, Kilmer was solid (I just re-watched it last night) and O'Donnell didn't do a bad job at all. Carrey and Jones were no brainers in 1995 for those roles, they just needed proper direction. And I don't even mind the one-liners/humor because it was quite funny. Something Batman & Robin failed at.

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