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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 53

Hey, while I have all your attentions I back-translated the Kryptonian text from DSRW.

So somebody asked me to "transliterate" this Kryptonian script into Latin transcription. Bear in mind I have NO idea what MOS's Kryptonian language sounds like but it was fun trying to think of what it might sound like. It's what we "conlangers" like to do for fun

Hóxh vurk'tā síyktā edeag.
(You alone are not.)

You are not alone.

This is based solely on pure assumption by eyeballing the letters, and assuming that Kryptonians write left-to-right as we do. The vowels appear to be the smaller, closed off characters, while the consonants are fuller "glyphs," written in one stroke.

The curves atop the "brackets" seem to appear over the vowel characters, and to a degree I've identified three "types" of vowels:
  1. 1 a "plain" vowel is where there is no break in the bracket above a vowel character.
  2. 2 a "weak" vowel, where a short forward curve breaks the bracket (see the first "word"); this vowel is written with a simple accent or stress mark (ex.: á)
  3. 3 a "strong" or "fortified" vowel, where the bracket is broken by a large backward curve. This vowel is written with a "macron" (ex.: ā)

The last word is really peculiar, and I can only guess that this is how vowel "diphthongs" are written, one vowel on top of the other. But there you go


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