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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by TheAQU4M4N View Post
so is there a second post-credit scene or is just the one with Ruffalo talking to RDJ?
There are rumors of a second after credits scene and two variations to go with it.

One says that Star-Lord sends a transmission to Tony and Tony flies into space to help the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The other says that a man in a hood is shown taking pictures of the wreckage of the the NYC battle in The Avengers as well as a Chitauri corpse and he's confronted by a SHIELD agent. That that man in the hood is revealed to be none other than Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield.

Whether or not one of these are true, or if there even IS a 2nd after credits scene, will be found out Thursday.

Originally Posted by GRangerPrimeNYC View Post

And the part highlighted in bold is one of the more dumber contrived arguements about the issue whenever this issue is brought up.

- Movie was about The Avengers, not Spidey. Can't leave a hint of him since you don't want the audience to anticipate him throughout the whole battle.
The focus is on the Avengers.
- If TASM took place before TA
- Spidey was at another part of the city, since most of the battle we see is concentrated around just Park Avenue and Grand Central Terminal.
- If TASM took place after TA
- Could explain all the cranes conviently placed in Midtown in TASM.
Etc, there's way more aspects to this.

This has been discussed and debated way more times on SHH than needed.
This. I'm pretty sure every possible scenario has been discussed on SHH at some point.

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