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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 2

well, for what it's worth, i wasn't a fan of Blade Runner, to be honest... i did hear some of the samples Amazon, though. when comparing to the original music- i dont think the music Williams made for STM will entirely work for MoS. Whil i love the score John Williams made, and i still listen to it, the impression that i got from Zimmer is that this is going to be of a slightly different taste, if that makes any sense. what i heard was pretty good (i figure the drums are going to play an integral part in this score), but will it surpass the John Williams theme? no, of course not.

the Williams theme is classic to a T, but that doesnt go without saying that Zimmer's score will more than likely be good. dont think of this score as trying to "1-up" what John williams did... just see it as Zimmer creating his own unique sound for the Superman franchise. some will like it, others wont.

but to say whether it is somethign i can listen to over and over again, i think it's still too soon to know that.

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