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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 1

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
Kinda too old to go over. But gist of it being, that while I think it's great (like I think Blade Runner's score is great) the score doesn't sound like it will be as memorable as John Williams'. It was basically a way of saying that while some scores are great that doesn't necessarily equate it to being memorable to the masses (or the themes/marches that have become somewhat pop culture). And it was the only example that came to my head the fastest.

I'm of the opinion that while the score sounds great, it doesn't particularly stand-out in the way that I was hoping it would. Therefore while I like it, I'm somewhat let down by it thus far and am cautiously optimistic that there's something cut off that would match or exceed the set expectations.

I'd be shocked if the music from 1.15 through to the end of trailer #3 isn't basically the meat and potatoes of MOS's Superman 'hero' theme. To judge the whole soundtrack based on 30 second snippets is imo ridiculous. Why do you think they didn't release clips from every track? They are slowly reeling us in, leaving us wanting more just like they did with build up of the various trailers. Ultimately they totally delivered the goods in the third trailer, and in turn that has finally piqued the interest in this movie for many average John and Jane movigoers.

A few polls are now showing MOS being the MOSt anticipated movie of this summer by a huge margin, and Snyder said HZ "crushed it" in regards to the enormity of the task given to him to deliver a great soundtrack. I don't see any reason to doubt him. To my ears some of the soundtrack has an epic feel to it, and doesn't sound comic bookie at all, and this is totally consistent with the more serious tone of this movie.

Just because you are not hearing something immediately identifiable as the 'HERO' theme (which they likely haven't revealed yet) doesn't mean MOS hasn't got one. I believe HZ said in an interview prior to trailer # 3, that there IS a definitive theme for Superman in his score. When they release the other clips we may hear a miniscule part of it, or perhaps not. It could be deeper within a given track before the theme manifests itself, in which case the samples won't necessarily tell us squat.

The promise this movie holds is growing by the day. By the time STID is in theatres WB's publicity machine is going to be well and truly into hyperdrive, and I'm guessing by then that Superman's New theme will literally be everywhere. I think you (and a bunch of others) are probably worrying needlessly when it come to the theme.

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