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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

I used to adore this film. I still really, really love PARTS of it. But I have to agree with a lot of the complaints.

I'm totally torn on the semi-sequel aspect of it. I love how it's a throwback/love letter/sequel to the Donner films. I love the nostalgic feeling it gives off. Yet at the same time, it's a detriment. It's holding onto a tone and essence that I'm sure some of the newer audience just didn't click with.

I do agree with the guy in the video when he says this film is chocked full of awesome Superman imagery. It really is. The plane rescue, Supes hovering above the Earth, the mini-gun scene, the Atlas's all wonderfully Superman!

I was never a fan of Hackman's Lex. He was hot and cold for me. The only time I felt he was truly threatening was when he was talking to Supes through that special frequency. As much as I adore the original Superman movie, the Silver Age-ness of it hinders it's somewhat. Not it's fault, but an annoyance.
I felt Spacey was a more threatening presence. While the Hackman attributes were still there, the more ruthless Lex shined through many times. I like Spacey for the most part. His scheme is just so sadly redundant.

And god, was Lois written poorly. It's been said a million times....but damn! Where is the spunk? The spark? The determination? This Lois just felt like a bitter, callous, humorless bore going through the motions.

And yes, the deadbeat dad thing is unforgivable. It's just not written well. What is the timeline? Did Lois shack up with Richard right after the events of Superman 2? This is meant to be a sequel? And this follows the continuity of the theatrical Superman 2, the one where Supes gives the "forget me" kiss. Well, when Lois finds out her kid is super powerful, wouldn't the first thought be "When the HELL did I sleep with Superman?!! DID HE RAPE ME!"

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