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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 2

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
Wow I must be the only one that found the samples to be totally incredible. I can tell there's a beast of a soundtrack behind those (for me at least). At least that's the feeling I'm getting based on how much I'm loving what I'm hearing.

It's a mixture of Zimmer/Howards work in Batman Begin mixed with Zimmer's work in Inception.
No not the only one. I also found it to be sublime...or has the potential to be from what I heard. I think some people should maybe try and get out of the mindset that soundtracks all need some sort of hook or theme. I think i read one critique about the samples that stated that the score sounds like "background music"...isn't that what a score is supposed to do? supplement the scenes, that's the priority i would think, not be primarily great music for you to listen to on it's own.

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