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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Well, it's obvious that they are trying to make Mystique the lead. I wouldn't be surprised if Mystique's part in First Class was expanded into what we saw because they secured Jennifer Lawrence.
I very much doubt it. At the time Lawrence's biggest claim to fame was her turn in a little-seen film and the Oscar nomination that followed. She was a promising young talent but absolutely nothing like where she is these days.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
The bottom line is: Where is Mystique's character going? If she is the female lead in DoFP, then what comes next? We're not likely to see more of Magneto and his brotherhood, they'll probably bring in new villains like Sinister. So where will that leave Mystique after DoFP? The only function of her being a female lead is to see her become a badass, cold-blooded ***** like in the original trilogy - so we already know where her story ends up.
I find it hard to predict where the franchise will go after DoFP. But at the very least, because the story in DoFP involves time travel and past characters learning about the future, it means that the past in DoFP will not be simply about filling in the blanks between the FC era and the OT era. Changing the past would make significant changes for the future characters, but it might also completely change the course for the past characters as well. So Mystique's story might not be quite as set. For instance, if she happens to learn how easily Magneto drops her some years later, would that change how she feels about their partnership? I'd think so.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I can't see the logic behind focusing on Mystique because the fixed timeline will bring a new team of X-Men and probably dispense with Magneto (and perhaps even Xavier). So the characters with whom Mystique has greatest connection will be gone and she will have no purpose in future films at all if they move on to Apocalypse, Sinister, etc, etc.
Well you might as well question the need for DoFP to really explore the relationship between Erik and Charles, according to Singer, if they're going to be gone in the next movie. If this movie is a setup for future movies without Professor X and Magneto, why bother much with them at all?

Maybe this film's purpose is simply to be the biggest X-Men film to date, with a combined cast and a cool cross-generation time travel story. And yeah perhaps a farewell to the Magneto/Professor X dynamic, in a grand style. No matter what happens next, we can at least safely assume that this kind of crossover is not going to happen again, so at least in one sense DoFP will be a one-off.

Plus, while it's possible that by the end of DoFP there will be a new timeline in the future which the future films will pick up, it will not really be a continuation of DoFP because the future in DoFP is essentially a dead end. So it can't really build up to the future films in the same way that X1 build up to X2, say. It's more like setting up a re-run of the same characters in a way.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
and without Storm in X2, we would not have had the exciting tornado sequence or the excellent conversation with Nightcrawler (the symmetry of his outer ugliness and inner beauty vs her outer beauty and inner ugliness).
Erm while I'm not the biggest fan of Halle Berry's Storm... inner ugliness? Exemplified in X2 by what?

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