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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
None of the big 3 have died in the EU. Although in the Legacy comics Luke appears as a Force Ghost to Cade, so we can assume he died at some point after the current post-NJO Lucasbooks stuff.
That's what I thought. Well George Lucas has always said that Star Wars was always intending to be more than a 6 part saga. So maybe he had ideas for how his heroes would die in the later movies and maybe he urged anyone writing the EU not to depict their deaths because he's saving their deaths for later. I've always been curious to why this part of their lives has never actually been touched. I guess that now that someone new is holding the torch, this story can finally come true and I welcome it.

Originally Posted by Young Superman View Post
I'd rather see Luke back then Han.
Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Same here.
One of my big reservations about the news of new Star Wars movies set after ROTJ I heard back in October 2012 was the setting and timeline and the logistics of it all, like chances of retconning the EU, conflicting with established events, recasting, people's receptions of having the old gang back together etc.

To me if I was making new Star Wars movies I would've stayed away from the timeline any of the movies and would've set it either far in the past(KOTOR era/Old Republic era etc) or far in the future(Legacy era) and maybe literally go for what Joss Whedon was probably aiming for when he said "I wouldn’t go back, I’d go forward." It would've been cool to see a live action version of Cade Skywalker as well as only Luke back and taking on a mentor role like Obi-Wan/Yoda as a force ghost and be not too different of how they worked in Leonard Nimoy for the new Star Trek.

But if Michael Ardnt does a good job of doing a movie set in that specific era, I'd be ok with it.

Originally Posted by Spideyfan93 View Post
Williams hopefully will deliver the goods for the third time around! Still optimistic for Giacchino to get a slice too!
Originally Posted by georgec View Post
I think it would be cool if Williams worked with a younger composer and "passed the torch" throughout the course of the new trilogy. Obvious choice would be Giacchino but I would also vouch for John Powell, John Ottman, or Marco Beltrami.

I feel the overall theme for this movie should be the great "Passing of the Torch" and not just for the characters but for the people involved in making this movie. For this movie, it will be a guarantee that new characters will be joining us in the form of the last remaining children of the Skywalker/Solo clan.
Like I speculated before I feel the movie should depict their deaths as

a) They're getting old and the actors probably don't have the years to be in this kind of role and Harrison Ford can finally have his wish of killing Han Solo.

b) Their deaths have never been depicted by any lore within the EU and I've always wondered why, and with these movies coming in 2015 it all makes sense. This kind of story is as "original" as they get without conflicting with any pre-established EU story. This would keep many fans happy. Seeing as there is a lot of room in the time space of 45 ABY-130+ABY you could still introduce new characters and make a great movie with new heroes in the form of Ben Skywalker and Jaina Solo

As for everyone working behind the movies, George Lucas is of course handing the movies and collective Star Wars lore down to Abrams and it's a given we'll see Abrams do wonders. As for John Williams as he doesn't have many years left, so Episode VII should be a final hurrah for him.

It should be a collaboration between Williams and Giacchino where both of them would be submitting their own things and Williams teaching everything about the music of Star Wars(and others) to Giacchino. The in further Episodes/Spin-off movies it should be Giacchino + any others who are worthy enough.

It is actually possible to create good Star Wars-esque music without John Williams' involvement. Just look as the music they made for the KOTOR/TOR/Other games. Like here: or or or or or

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