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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
****, that article even goes on to talk about how the studios start demanding more control and the bets stop paying off. Do they even realize that Marvel IS the one making their own movies and already have all the control? Not to mention that the situation Marvel is in with Disney is completely unprecedented in those historic anecdotes provided and the article completely ignores that. That article is half-assed. Just another shock article meant to grab views and be circulated. Which is a mission accomplished I guess.

Marvel has the control but the director should have the vision. Look at meddling Marvel did with Favreau with all the Avengers material that was forced into IM2.

People are talking about the superhero bubble bursting and in honesty I fear it. The superhero bubble burst with Batman and Robin but the main reason that movie flopped is because it sucked. You make a good movie and people will go and watch it.

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