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Default Re: So, Like, What Up With Balder?

Originally Posted by Flemm View Post
Yeah, pretty much this, I think. It's not that he can't be cool, it's that, when he is, he's basically Thor. He doesn't fill the sidekick role like The Warriors Three, and you don't need a secondary protagonist in the films, there's not enough space (unlike the comics, where you can tell a lot of different stories over time).

All of that is magnified with Loki being such a big hit in the films. The Thor franchise already has a character who is almost as important as Thor, with his own agenda, etc.

Beyond that, it's a big cast of characters already. I'd rather see Sif get a substantial role and be important, rather than adding somebody new to the mix. She's a noble warrior, a kindred spirit of sorts, to Thor, like Balder, but she can also provide some romantic tension. On the whole, I don't think they really need Balder.

If they end up bringing him in somehow, well, awesome. But... I can see why they wouldn't.
Firstly, I agree... The cast is already very big. If they want to do the Ragnarök story it would have to partyl focus on Balder. I'd rather see more focus on Sif like you. Since we need Balder for Ragnarök, how would this still work as a story plot? Don't tell me Sif will have to die there lol. I could rather live with a dead Balder here hehe.

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