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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 2

I don't know if this was posted before, but the synth sounds in the trailer #3 music are not synth but rather 8 pedal steel guitars. At first I thought that I was hearing synth, but apparently not. Zimmer also employed 15 drummers. Heconfirmed it on his forum post at:

The music is actually from the score. A little bit recut - the tune is actually a bit longer in it's development. What you think of as synth sounds are 8 pedal steel guitars. Best organic pad sound yet The perc is the session I did at WB and Fox with 15 drummers:
JR Robinson
Jason Bonham
Josh Freese
Pharrell Williams
Danny Carey
Satnam Ramgotra
Toss Panos
Jim Keltner
Curt Bisquera
Trevor Lawrence Jr
Matt Chamberlain
Ryeland Allison
Sheila E
Bernie Dresel
Vinnie Colaiuta
with the amazing JunkieXL conducting (There is something to be said to get a drummer who is a star of EDM and knows how to get a crowd of twohundred thousand people dancing at his shows to liontame and energise this lot!)
But of course the real plus is the lack of sound effects...which gets us back to that other thread about dubbing music loudly
I'm glad you liked it!

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