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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 2

Originally Posted by moviefreak View Post
I don't know if this was posted before, but the synth sounds in the trailer #3 music are not synth but rather 8 pedal steel guitars. At first I thought that I was hearing synth, but apparently not. Zimmer also employed 15 drummers. Heconfirmed it on his forum post at:

I also found this post:

Actually, very little synth - Moog here, a Zebra there...but the electronic sounds are eight pedal steel guitars joined by some titanium sculptures Chas Smith build for us. Bass pedal steel's where all strings are tuned to unison playing the bottom "A" on the piano. I wanted to keep it homemade, not electronic. Upright piano, nothing fancy.
But you will be able to download an app that lets you hear it all in DTS Headphone-x, which is full surround and height on your headphones by modeling my ears and how the score sounds through them with me sitting in my chair.
Always pushing the technology....
And there might be a few other nice things on there....
The cello is Ann-Marie Calhoun on her Stradivarius...

The Cello is a STRADIVARIUS. Damn, they really pulled out all the stops for the score!

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