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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
I guarantee that both Thor 2 and Cap 2 will cross $500 M.
It was augmented with the early May release. Now it's going to the Fall. Thor in November is a good move, except they picked the worst November for it. It will be owned by Catching Fire in its third weekend and I am not sure it's going to open big enough to mitigate that effect, plus whatever else comes out during the Holidays. Hobbit 2 not far behind that.

Originally Posted by OB12 View Post
Sure, that was quick and dirty calculations and there are certainly other costs to factor in, but the point is Disney is not billions in the hole like you claimed. I'm sure their accountants are quite happy with the ROI that they are seeing. Marvel has practically been a license to print money for Disney and it looks like this is going to be even more true for Phase 2.
The acquisitions will not pay for themselves for another couple of decades. You take the 8-9 billion, which we know was the rough figure to acquire the properties, plus the cost that goes into making movies. Let's say 200 million on average, for the big tentpoles. Avengers movies. Avengers solo movies. SW 7-9 and spinoffs. Obviously not every movie will cost 200, but the big ensemble ones could cost 300-400 with marketing and all. So I think it's a good average. You are talking about another 2 billion just to produce the movies. Long term it's a slam dunk, but right now? It doesn't pay for itself overnight, that's the point. Of course you bank on the merchandising and TV shows, rentals, cable fees, and God knows what else. It's still going to take time to see it all pay off.

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