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Default Re: Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Surfer View Post
mkilban2, thanks for your comment and perhaps I am too quick to judge not having seen the actual film and I can admit that, but.....

I feel changing these characters in general is ultimately a bad move.

I mean I know many people think it is not a big deal to change some characters for the big screen, (and perhaps some minor changes do need to be done to make it work), but I feel it is easy for someone to say this when they don't have a personal connection to that specific character in the comics. However, they must consider somebody out there does have a love for the character, while to others he or she could even be their absolute favorite character, and to those people they are messing him or her up. So, to comic fans that think it is not a big deal, I would ask how they would feel if their favorite character was dramatically changed from the comic for their big screen debut? For me that was Galactus and I was not happy at all, and I think most fans would feel the same if there favorite character was not treated well on the big screen. I am just saying it is easy to say who cares about the changes, but when it effects a character your emotionally connected to then it matters. In the end though complaining or being upset won't change anything, (whats done is done), so I will wait for the film and I hope to be swayed by it's awesomeness.

Thanks again for your reply.

well if the rumors of
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Killian/Mandarin popping up again are true, then, there's certainly more to the whole mandarin thing going a way, it seems like they were both the an extent..especially with what goes on with extremis

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