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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

The Avengers / The Dark Knight (I honestly cannot choose which I like more.) 10/10
Iron Man 10/10
Spider-Man 2 10/10
The Dark Knight Rises 8/10
Batman Begins 8/10
Spider-Man 8/10
Thor 8/10
Kick-Ass 8/10
The Dark Knight Returns 8/10
X-Men First Class 8/10
Iron Man 2 8/10
Batman Returns 8/10
Mask of the Phantasm 7/10
Spider-Man 3 7/10
Hulk 7/10
X2 7/10
X-Men 7/10
The Incredible Hulk 7/10
Batman 7/10
The Addams Family 7/10
The Mask 7/10
The Amazing Spider-Man 7/10
Green Lantern 6.5/10
Captain America - undecided. I think it's very well made and fantastic fun, though I don't love it. Somewhere about a 6.8-7/10.
Batman and Robin - Perfection.

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