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Default Re: The Gaming Lounge: Beyond - Part 5

Originally Posted by ProjectPat2280 View Post
Ah sweet, so is DKC2 the better one?
Most people seem to think so.

I think i saw some Mega Man at this store i go to, but think they were fairly pricey.
Yeah, a lot of SNES games have become kind of valuable. If you were serious about playing SNES games it would probably would have been cheaper in the long run to buy a Wii and get the digital versions.

You like Streets of Rage right? Final Fight might be worth looking into. Not as good as Streets of Rage in my opinion, but worth playing if you like beat 'em ups. Avoid the first one, it's a bad port of the arcade game, while two and three were made specifically for the SNES if I remember correctly.

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