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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 9

Honestly usually I am fine with people having differing opinions but not on this subject. I will always respond harshly but respectfully when people complain about Adams age. Because a film was just released in which a 50 year old actor had 31 and 33 year old actresses as his love interests. Cruise looks good for his age I suppose but he damn sure don't look like a 35 year old. Surely James was on the Oblivion thread complaining about that.

I have a question James, were you up in arms about Depp starting the Pirates franchise in his late 30's or RDJ starting the Iron Man franchise in his early 40's? Are you offended that Paltrow is 8 years younger than RDJ and playing his love interest? Are you offended that Andrew Garfield is more than 6 years older than the actress playing Mary Jane? Were you offended by the age difference between Anne Hathaway and Christain Bale in The Dark Knight Rises?

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