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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 9

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
Honestly usually I am fine with people having differing opinions but not on this subject. I will always respond harshly but respectfully when people complain about Adams age. Because a film was just released in which a 50 year old actor had 31 and 33 year old actresses as his love interests. Cruise looks good for his age I suppose but he damn sure don't look like a 35 year old. Surely James was on the Oblivion thread complaining about that.

I have a question James, were you up in arms about Depp starting the Pirates franchise in his late 30's or RDJ starting the Iron Man franchise in his early 40's? Are you offended that Paltrow is 8 years younger than RDJ and playing his love interest? Are you offended that Andrew Garfield is more than 6 years older than the actress playing Mary Jane? Were you offended by the age difference between Anne Hathaway and Christain Bale in The Dark Knight Rises?
I agree completely. The ageism and sexism (because yes, dudes...this is 100% linked to cultural SEXISM) is grotesque and no one should stand by and just chalk it up to "opinion."

Being ageist and sexist--which is exactly what this continued OBSESSION with this age difference is---is not something that can or should be excused as just being someone's opinion. It's WRONG. Really think about this: we live in a culture where ALOT of men AND women (because it's so sad that women have been brainwashed by this too) have grown up truly thinking that it's totally fine for a 48 year old actor to play Iron Man and have a love interest 8 years his junior but to OBSESS over the same damn age difference when the genders are reversed. We live in a culture where women over the age of 35 are REPEATEDLY cast out while we let men age and continue to grow and thrive.

BTW, Vulture wrote a very revealing article on this just last week. Read it and LITERALLY weep. This is pathetic.

This is damaging s***. This is the kind of stuff that continues to treat women as worthless and deny them equality NOT just in the entertainment industry but in our larger cultural context. This stuff actually DOES matter. It is a big deal. It's not just a stupid movie. This is a real issue that affects real women. It affects their self-worth, their self-image and it has real, cultural consequences about gender and how we treat women.

Look, putting the age issue aside...I'm gonna be frank here.

The bottom line is that these "reviews" are you reading that target Amy, Lois and the love story are all part of the same predictable sexist BS.

Women are REPEATEDLY targeted in these franchises as being "weak links" and singled out as being "not right" while men obsess over the villains and the special effects and everything else 'male" about the film. The love stories in these franchises are REPEATEDLY targeted and dissected and picked apart in ways that the action scenes rarely if ever are. The women are held to higher standards and they are often treated very unfairly. Many other times, fanboys go into movies and come out ready and willing to throw the actress to the wolves because that's been the popular thing to do in fandom. It's not a "cool" thing for a guy to come out of a movie and praise an actress. It's much more popular to pretend like she's "just ok" and put her down.

Now, sometimes...the problem truly is that an actress struggles in a role. We saw that with Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns. But many times? It's that our culture is so biased and sexist that the women and love interests are TARGETED and held to ridiculously assanine standards.

Most of these "reviews" that rag on the love story read, to me, like fanboys who dont' want to act like they care about a love story in a superhero movie where there is stuff blowing up. Because it's not cool to do so. What's "cool" and "popular" right now is to blame the woman and single her out as the "weak link" and rag on the love story and hold it up to ridiculous standards. Calling a love story, "sappy?" Yeah, that's the same crap that the Lois/Clark romance gets from dudes in comic fandom who just can't stand it half the time that a love story IS such an important piece of a male driven story. It's very popular to pretend that you are "above" the romance and put it down. And again, it plays into sexism where that which is "female" in the movie that isn't specifically focused on being "hot" for the guys is downplayed and put down.

Every once a while you get a rare movie like Amazing Spider-Man where culture deems that it's ok to like the love story without picking it apart. That said, despite liking the romance in Amazing Spider-Man, I wrote an essay after I saw it that detailed AT LENGTH all the ways it wasn't developed and all the ways in which Gwen Stacy was portrayed as as lacking any real flaws or real people depth in the film. I had 2,000 reblog it within a day. Even in that movie where it was considered acceptable to say that the love story was had actual problems. But really, even in that movie, the characters go from barely knowing each other to being madly in love in a matter of only a few scenes.

So instead of obsessing and focusing on these random fanboys who CONTINUE to repeat this obsession with singleing women out as the weak link of films and picking on love stories in these action movies and holding them up to ridiculous standards in a 2 hour film.....why don't we all take the time to actually think about this like ADULTS and be more aware of the very REAL biases and crap that these actresses go through on a daily basis just trying to do their jobs and how unfairly they are treated in comparison to the men and instead of continuing the cycle and being part of the problem learn how to be part of the solution.

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