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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 9

Oh and btw....I read that "review" on Reddit.

First off, it's extremely vague and I think it's a fake. Sounds like typical fanboy BS to me. Build up the bad guy and the action and put down the woman and call the love story "kind of sappy."

But let me be clear...even if it is real? Why on earth would I care about the opinion of a guy who says outright that he doesn't really like Superman, has NEVER read a Superman comic in his life and doesn't KNOW alot about Superman?

Lois Lane is my favorite female fictional character of all time. On what planet would I base my feelings about her potrayal in a movie on what someone who clearly has NO IDEA how she is supposed to be potrayed thinks?

The minute one of the people I actually KNOW in fandom who actually KNOW Lois Lane and who she is tells me to be concerned...I'll be concerned. Until then? I could care less what all these random Batman-loving "I always thought Superman was kind of lame to be honest" fanboys think. That's not an opinion that holds water with me because you already lost me before you started.

But still...I call fake.

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