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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - Part 11

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Where is this slant towards Marvel you guys are talking about? That's more than just 'a sliver of hope,' that's "if the movie is actually awesome and I'm available."
That's what any actor would say. Who would say they wouldn't consider it if it's good and they're available? Everyone would at least consider it.

I really loved ‘Avengers!
I jokingly asked Blunt if she would still work with Marvel (as opposed to say, playing a character in the DC Movie Universe), even though they passed over her hubby for Captain America – but there didn’t seem to be any hard feelings in that area:

"Yeah of course! Marvel is doing it great! Yeah, yeah, for sure!"

Wonder Woman will save saved the DCEU 2017!

"I think that [Wonder Woman and Batman] are very Alpha-type." - Gal Gadot
"I think [Wonder Woman] is the True North superhero of this posse." - Patty Jenkins
"Wonder Woman is the Best Fighter in the DC Universe" - Geoff Johns
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