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Hey Super Jim, really super interesting thoughts! I saw you bring this up in the other thread, but it was really just flying by people's heads. They didn't seem to understand that you trying to figure out the significance of setting the movie in 1973.

I've been thinking a lot about this as well. They obviously picked 1973 specifically. The biggest correlation is the end of U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. This cannot be a coincidence. The politics behind the war are definitely going to factor into this movie.

I didn't know anything about the X Envelope, but it is a great conspiracy story... and the X is just too delicious! And we already know that Nixon is going to be in the story to some degree. I can definitely see Mystique having infiltrated his cabinet or even the DNC. This would be such an interesting plotline... and a natural progression from First Class. Where FC had a Bond-esqe feel to it, the 70s portion of DOFP could be more like a political suspense thriller. I haven't seen Singer's Valkyrie. It received mixed to good reviews, but most agreed that Bryan handled the conspiracy/suspense aspect very well.

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