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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
There've been several suggestions to make Wanda & Pietro Inhumans, and I'm now starting to lean in that direction.

In fact, I'm wondering now if Avengers 2 is going to have the Avengers actually *face off* against the Inhumans. Yeah, I know the Inhumans are heroes instead of villains, but sometimes heroes fight heroes, and it heightens the drama and even creates a sense of tragedy.

I just remember that Inhumans was officially on Marvel Studios' slate several years ago, but seems to have fallen into development hell. Maybe the plan is to have them be the Avengers' enemy (again, not a villainous enemy) in TA2? I like the idea of the Inhumans hiding in plain sight on Earth for thousands of years, and now recent cosmic events in the MCU (as unfolding in TA1, GOTG, and Thor/TDW) have caused them to come out of hiding....and now the Avengers face an extremely powerful superteam, and ultimately, by the end of TA2, they recognize them as fellow heroes. The emergence of the Inhumans presages vast cosmic threats such as the coming of Thanos, and interstellar war between the Kree and --- well, everyone else in the universe.
Having watched the season finale of the excellent new FX show "The Americans" last night, I love the ideal of the Inhumans "hiding in plain sight" living amongst us waiting to be activated (by Thanos?) for battle. I think a big reason the Inhumans never caught on in the comics as well as the X-Men - and Xavier's team required the mid 70's international reboot - was that Black Bolt and company were completely separated from the day to day goings on of the Marvel Universe. Having them presented as an extended family living quiet lives in suburbia could position them as a worthy successor to FOX's fading X-Men franchise. Though the half-ton dog is going to be tough to explain.

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