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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

I think we will see a much stronger jane in this movie, We have a much better director who knows the proper balance in female roles, Natalie Portman was very concerned when a new director and writer was introduced, as well she should be.
But after seing the new direction they were going in TTDW she realised she was going to be given a much better role this time around with this director and writers.
I look for Jane to be in upcoming sequels as well, she plays a pivotal role in conecting Thor to earth and as a strong yet vulnerable companion that really helps him.
Marvel and Disney will rewrite the book on how it treats women in the Thor series and they will keep Jane as a important part of the upcoming movies...
Academy award winner or not she gains on all levels staying with the Thor series, she will have great actors,directors, writers and will star in a continuing block buster film bananza that will give her a large amount of new fans as well as a lot of money......

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