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Default Re: Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Norek View Post
I get the feeling that either people don't fully understand what Snyder tried to say, or that Snyder didn't use the proper words to express himself more accurately.

People saying he made changes to the story in MoS - he didn't make those changes. The idea Nolan and Goyer had for a modern retelling of the Superman tale required a director to handle the project, and they chose Snyder - and by the way, isn't he the guy who directed probably the most spot-on, point by point adaptation of a comicbook (Watchmen)?

The thing Snyder was getting to I believe (judging by his words "which I feel happened in the past") is that a character like Superman who had a very disappointing last film and is considered to be "outdated", boring and irrelevant by many people nowadays should not be handled with the mentality like "Oh well, if the movie sucks, it's because of Superman, because he's a boring character and whatnot" - but instead be handled with the proper care he deserves, and the awareness that this is a character they shouldn't be ashamed of when adapting to the big screen. No matter the changes made to make him more appealing to the newer generations (which I think are necessary), the core character is still there.
Watchmen was horrible other than Jackie Earle Haley's Rorschach, which was spot on. A lot of the acting was terrible in the film. He tried to make it faithful and didn't hold back on anything, which I can appreciate, but that doesn't make it a good film.

There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if we could become something more, so when they needed us, we could fight the battles, that they never could.
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