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Default Re: Marvel Looking into Female Characters

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
Captain Marvel all the way, imo. I think a Black Widow movie would basically be what Cap 2 is now, just without Cap.

Scarlet Witch would be cool too, but since Marvel is all about the cosmic stuff at the moment, Danvers just makes the most sense to me.
Your comments win. Can't wait for the new season of AR so you can change your Avy though.

The Widow comment reminds me of something they said a while back, specifically, they wanted to do new things, things they hadn't done before.

So as such, a Widow movie is kinda out. Her movie would very much be "Captain America 2: 2" as it's just more spies and more russia and more political thriller. And honestly, even though I really want a quality female superhero film, and Widow's established... she works well as a sidekick superhero, so to speak. Her role in IM2 was cool, and her larger role in Cap2 seems even more epic. I'd love to see her in Hulk 2 helping him sneak around or even a Captain Marvel film, that'd be kinda boss, two girls back to back against everyone.

While I think Scarlet Witch is an old standby, the truth is, she's kind of a supporting character in her world. Pietro is usually the lead, and a film would need to subvert that, in addition to making a new world for her since mutancy and all it's trappings are unavailable. I'd be interested in making such a thing, not sure I'd like anyone else's take on it though. It would be new though, and I think feature the kind of Not!Magic we've seen... I also think they won't do it for fear of stepping on Dr. Strange's mystical toes.

For Captain Marvel, even though her powers are a bit redundant with Iron Man/Thor, I think her story offers a couple really interesting things:
1) Deconstruction of the Superman archetype in Mar-Vell
2) A tragic literally star-crossed ill fated romance
3) A twist in which the apparently titular hero dies
4) If we give her a bit of her Binary-ness, she has a mastery/control ability which could be very fun.
5) It is a female superhero, and that comes with some implications that the media simply hasn't seen, especially compared with nearly non-powered heroes like Elektra, Catwoman, Aeon Flux and similar.

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