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Default Re: ***Official X4 Campaign*** [JOIN US!]

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
As long they have 5 to 6 actors from the original trilogy, they can continue the series with X-Men 5.
DOFP has 8 original actors returning, and there are a good portion still to return yet, so 6 would be kind of a letdown compared to Days of future past.

They have yet to get back:

- James Marsden (he would do it)
- Alan Cumming (he said recently he would return)
- Kelsey Grammer (if he is doing Transformers 4, he would easily reunite with X-Men cast, lol)
- Ben Foster (I think he would return, specially to work with Ellen again, and Bryan Singer, since they havent worked together yet)
- Taylor Kitsch (he would do it, to work with original cast is too huge of an opportunity to say No)

So that are 5 other possible returning actors, not counting Famke and some cameos and brotherhood characters, so... yeah, Fox could easily get 10 or more actors for X5, lol

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