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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
I think it's much more likely that Disney/Marvel teams up with Sony than FOX. Because of poor deals signed by Ari Avad (and no, I haven't seen the contracts but I have read interviews in which he admits his culpability in the poorly negotiated agreements), Disney/Marvel receives a pittance on their FF and X-Men properties, while they rake in the cash on Spidey due to having 100% ownership of his merchandising rights.

I can see Disney/Marvel continuing to put pressure on FOX by refusing to provide merchandising support for the franchises FOX holds, launching competing properties like GOTG and Inhumans, and hoping that the X-Men franchise, which peaked at the box office back in 2006, continues to falter.
Fox seems to be throwing all it's chips on the table for DOFP. First Class wasn't a flop by any means, but in a bad box office year it was 3rd behind Thor and Cap as far as superhero films. It didn't have 3D boost, but it also fell off the map pretty quickly.

DOFP could be a game changer, but then again it doesn't have Jackman, which seemed to drive that franchise. Even as horrible as Wolverine was, it outperformed first class, which was a much better movie.

So the question remains, can the presence of Stewart, McKellum, Barry and others with the new class, raise the bar enough going forward.

As far as the Fantastic Four reboot, this is sounding worse by the minute. They are possibly changing the race of HT (does this mean sue is a black woman or Johnny is adopted?), and possibly looking to upset fans even worse than the Tim Story movies.

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