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Default Re: "Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!" - The Adan Canto Thread

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
Ok, so what's the speculation? Is he going to be with Magneto, the X-men or some other group?

If he is working with the OT cast then don't we already have enough good guys? He might be a good foe to go up against Storm. She figures out the sun is giving him his strength and she uses her powers to take it away? The only other bad guy group that might make sense would be The Hellfore Club, but we've been there, done that, but in the past... I think with all of the OT cast if he is a bad guy it's either with Magneto, or maybe he's just hanging in the sentinal controlled internment camp...

If he is Sunspot, as long as they don't give him some form of fire shooting powers. That would be too close to Pyro.
Surely it's just mutants vs humans/Sentinels in the future. There are no good and bad teams of mutants in that situation, they are forced to band together against Sentinels.

If that happens, then Warpath would just be part of the future mutant resistance - IF he is indeed a character in the future. That seems likely as his name was on a chair in that picture.

If we assume Booboo is Warpath and Omar Sy is Bishop, then it leaves Adan Canto unidentified at present. That suggest he is in the past.

It seems likely a group of future survivors time travel to the past, presumably to stop Fassbender's Magneto. On that basis, Adan Canto's Sunspot is probably a member of the 70s Brotherhood. But that still leaves the 70s opponents very light.

Difficult to know exactly what they have in mind. There just isn't enough information.

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