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Default Re: Ghost Rider is back at Marvel Studios!

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
I think FF is the only one of the three likely to revert back to Marvel.(and that's only if they manage to screw it up in epic style) X-men could likely go on for years.Even if the movies slowly become subpar,there's just so much they can do in that world.Too many stories they can tell.

Spider-Man simply can't fail.He's too beloved.
I agree. I'm actually fine with the F4, X-Men and Spidey being where they are currently.

Amazing Spider-Man was good imo and I'm excited to see where they go.

X-Men is kind of a lost cause and unless DoFP is truly great, I dont really care what happens to this series on the big screen.

And Fox has the right idea to reboot F4. They have a chance at making a real hit so I'm okay with giving them a second chance.

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