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Default Re: Ghost Rider is back at Marvel Studios!

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
I think FF is the only one of the three likely to revert back to Marvel.(and that's only if they manage to screw it up in epic style)
Agreed. It's also the one of the three that could most easily fail...and Fox knows it.

X-men could likely go on for years.Even if the movies slowly become subpar,there's just so much they can do in that world.Too many stories they can tell.
Very true, unfortunately. I know Marvel was in a tight spot when they made these deals with the studios, and I try not to judge them too harshly considering that...but MAN, was the X-Men contract a BAD deal for Marvel.

All those characters (even just the very idea of Mutants) tied up at Fox, and they basically get to keep ALL of it as long as they use ANY of it. It's just so...ugh...

Spider-Man simply can't fail.He's too beloved.

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