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Default Re: (Green) Arrow Comics/Graphic Novel Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by DarkSovereignty View Post
How's Kevin smiths run on the comic? I'm a fan of his, so I figure I might start reading his stuff.
From what I recall, I thought Smith's run was okay. His was the first Green Arrow comics I read so I had nothing to compare it to. That being said, I enjoyed what I read of his run. As was already mentioned, the first arc dabbles in the supernatural so if that isn't your thing you might want to skip that.

I've only recently read some of Grell's Green Arrow series. It just feels like the TV show is a spiritual successor to it, though the show isn't quite as gritty. I wouldn't mind reading the whole Grell run. I read Long Bow Hunters and five issues of the following series. I enjoyed it.

Green Arrow Year One remains one of my favorite stories, Green Arrow or otherwise. I think Diggle just got so much right with that origin tale. And China White made for a great villain.

I couldn't get into the New 52 Green Arrow until Jeff Lemire. I'm not completely sold on Lemire just yet, but I do like the new tone he has set and the artwork is great.

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