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Default Re: Kevin Munroe's TMNT

TMNT doesn't get nearly enough respect. It was a great movie when you consider it was really a loose continuation of the live action films, which meant Shredder was out as a villain (and yet Kurai and hinting at Shredder's return was a beautiful set up for a sequel). And yes, it's a loose continuation of the trilogy. You see shredder's helmet, the TCRI canister, and the time scepter on the trophy shelf.

As long as it had been, though, I think perhaps people were actually looking for a reboot, get back to the roots and hopefully be a little gritty. Personally, I like TMNT as my second favorite of the four films in the series after the original, better than Secret of the Ooze.

If TMNT had been a multi-part episode of a cartoon series, it would have been accepted with open arms by most fans, I'd wager. But it seems like it felt more like a turtles adventure and not quite the scope of what some wanted from a feature film in theaters.

Personally, I'm disappointed it didn't get a sequel, and still really anxious about the upcoming reboot.

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