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Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
That's some pretty good news in that article, seems like there may be more arcs than initially thought, and that arc in the clip with the downed ship in the sandstorm and Lightsaber discovery on board promises to be an intriguing mystery that will perhaps make the whole Sifo-Dyas part of ATOC a bit clearer.

Loved hearing that piece of the Mustafar score again as well, so atmospheric.
I thought the clip was amazing...the animation, the use of the score from the makes me all the more angry at Disney for pulling the plug on this series. They had just reached their stride visually.

Granted, the show wasn't without its flaws. It struggled with consistency, and when it was bad, it was bad (I'm looking at you, "A Sunny Day In The Void!"). But when it was good, they produced some of the most compelling Star Wars stories since the films.

Still, I can't wait to watch this Sifo-Dyas/Order 66 arc. Lucasfilm is really pushing this "May The 4th Be With You" thing this year...much moreso than in years past. I think we may get something this Saturday.

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